Pupil Premium

Pupil Premium Impact 2014 / 2015

Proposals for Pupil Premium spending 2015 -2016

Below is a copy of our current plan of provision for this academic year.  This provision is planned to take into account the needs of the specific children for which the money has been allocated, and also through learning from what was effective use of the funding in previous years. (See evaluation of 2014 – 2015 allocation) We have tried to maintain some flexibility to cater for changes which will inevitably occur during the year.  All of the interventions are strategically planned and aim to provide extra support for pupils and increase academic progress.  Measuring the impact of our efforts is ongoing throughout the academic year, taking place in pre-arranged pupil review meetings throughout the year. Progress is continually monitored and tracked between these meetings to allow any required interventions to be started as quickly as possible.

Intended Pupil Premium Expenditure: 2015/16

Overview of the school (Funding based upon Jan 2015 FSM Eligibility)

Number of pupils and pupil premium grant (PPG) received
Total number of pupils on roll 158
Total number of pupils eligible for PPG 85 pupils + 1 Service pupil
Amount of PPG received per pupil £1320
Total amount of PPG received £112500


Planned record of PPG spending by item/project 2015/16
Item/project Cost Objective Outcome
To have no mixed age Year groups in Key Stage 2 and have Y6 taught as their own group in Spring/Summer £22200 To narrow the gap in attainment and progress and address issues from pupil surveys The rate of progress of both groups is accelerated

Parenting support – singing games instruction in EYFS

£2056 For greater engagement in activities and more rapid language development Increased Good Levels of development
Full time Nursery Provision £7350 Greater opportunity to target progress of vulnerable groups Enhanced provision and early intervention
Metacognition and self regulation (Learning to learn programme) £3000 Children learn to monitor and manage their own learning 7-9 months additional progress
One to one support in spring Term £1800 Y6 pupils perform better in Key stage 2 SATs than Y5 data would indicate Outcomes in Reading, Writing, Grammar/Punctuation /Spelling and Maths reflect 4+ Average Point Score progress
Teaching Assistant Intervention training and delivery £11820 Practitioners skilled in delivering small group work and self esteem programme Targeted pupils narrow the gap on their age related expectations
Transition programme for vulnerable groups

Early transition from Y6 to Y7

£7340 Children move to next class teacher early to assist transition.

Personalised numeracy and literacy programme based on outcomes of mock SATs

Improved induction into Y1

Pupils better prepared for Y7 and a reduced “Summer Dip” experienced in Autumn Term

Ratio FSU £32053 More child/adult interaction and support Enhanced provision and early intervention
“Digismart” programme in Y5 £3000 Y5 children access quality, accredited computer based study activities Increased rates of progress in comprehension skills. Increased awareness of how to use the internet safely.
Attendance Officer £1500 Engage with families and improve attendance to above national averages Narrow gap between attendance of pupils that are eligible for Pupil Premium and other groups
Additional dinner supervision and clubs £3580 Targeted support and playtime activities Improved behaviour and engagement
First hand educational experiences Curriculum enrichment Minibus – including Y4 visit to Houses of Parliament £4042 For children to experience success and opportunities to demonstrate their talent in non academic subject More representation of PP eligible groups in related activities
Music tuition £4042 For children to experience success and opportunities to  demonstrate their talent in non academic subject More representation of PP eligible groups in related activities


Total PPG received £112500
Total PPG expenditure £112500
PPG remaining 0